Centre Place

A Place to meet, to greet. To look or be looked at. To strut or parade but most of all to enjoy a fabulous ambient excitement, fine dining, coffee, exquisite shopping and even a night club.
Centre Place is a place to be "unseen" to be "unfound" and to be "undiscovered". Melbourne's best kept secret has been revealed!

So enjoy, participate and relax in the exquisite ambience that only one of Melbournes' premier laneways, Centreplace can offer!



Street Art Show case

Jazmine Rose, a local artist, performing her unique style around the traps of Melbourne can often be found enjoying the Centre Place lane way ambience.

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Sample track:

Revolution. EP Title: Jazmine Rose

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The "Gotham City" feel and the high contrasting light/colour, make Centreplace ideal for amateur and professional photographers.


If you have images, poetry, or short stories that you wish to submit for publication please send them using our contact page.

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